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Eagle Rock only uses the most advanceD Hoarding system in Australia, TITAN Structural Engineer AS 4687 Designed, Tested & Certified hoarding system.

Eagle Rock uses the TITAN System, a free-standing Structural Engineer AS 4687 Designed, Tested and Certified system. 
Internal and External use:
Australian Standards 4687:2007
  • Clause 4.3 Impact Loading
  • Clause 4.5 Wind Loading up to 50+ m/s,
  • Clause 4.2 Overturning and Climbing
Additional Australian Standards compliance with:
  • AS 1720.1 -2010 Timber Structures Design Methods
  • AS 1664.1 -1997 Aluminium Structures - Limit State Design
  • AS 1170.1 -2002 Balustrade Crowd Loading (specific to the TITAN void barrier)


Structural Engineer AS 4687 Certification
Eagle Rock installs the only Engineer Certified system capable of the the following heights: 
  • 6.0 metres high free-standing 
  • Over 6.0 metres and up to 10.0 metres with minor bracing
  • Up to 3.6 metres high
  • Above 3.6 metres with top bracing
Heights - Structural Engineer Certified
Eagle Rock | TITAN Hoarding Systems are Structural Engineer Certified to the following:
  • Internal Hoarding
  • External Hoarding
  • Kiosk and Work Zone Isolation
  • Zero Trip Temporary Fencing
  • Construction portal - Internal & External
  • Dust encapsulation
  • Escalator guard
  • Crowd Rated Balustrade replacement 
  • Internal tenancy
  • Temporary digital media wall displays
  • Digital media wall
Hoarding Types and Configurations

Entry Door and Locking Systems

Eagle Rock provides Certified Options and Solutions.
  • Swing Doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Standard Door size 2340 x 820mm
  • Door Sizes vary, larger door sizes are available on request.


Locking systems
Standard Hoardings
  • Flush set Keyed Lock
Keyed options are:
  • Individually Keyed locks or a,
  • Master key system
Kiosk - Work Zone Hoarding 
  • Padbolt or,
  • Eagle Rock's slide bolt system
Entry Door and Locking Systems

Construction physical GMR 72 logistics

  • 6.5 Manual handling
  • P&D GMR 4 activity
Safety | Quality | Compliance

TITAN supports a range hoarding panel types and thicknesses:

  • 12, 18mm MDF
  • 16mm Laminated panel
  • 12, 15 and 19mm ply
  • 50, 100 and 150mm EPS ( Coldroom Paneling)                                                                


We can also provide a 2 Hour Engineer Certified Fire rated wall which supported by TITAN to PIR isolate a construction site from a trading commercial | Retail centre.

TITAN Systems has the Engineer Certified Solution for all your hoarding requirements.

Panel Types and Thickness
Eagle Rock Hoardings has a standard policy to reduce our enviromental footprint wherever possible.
All hoarding materials are reused where possible and when they reach the end of their commercial life, we donate them to Schools, Handicap workshops and Associations like the Men's Shed.
The combination of Eagle Rock's recycling policy with the incredible durability of the TITAN Freestanding Structural Support system, which is manufactured to the highest standards and from the very best materials available, results in an Enviromentally Sustainable Hoarding system.
Green Enviromental Credentials

Our company motto is SAFETY | TRUST | PERFORMANCE which is reflected in the level of service we offer our clients.