Eagle Rock Construction

Engineer Certified AS 4687

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Eagle Rock Hoardings - Engineer Certified Public Protection™

Eagle Rock is an Agent and Registered Trained installer of Australia’s most advanced hoardings system - TITAN...

With a 360° visual of Safety and Compliance, we have Cm3 and BROWZ OHS Certified systems, with AS 4801 Compliant Processes.

TITAN Hoarding Systems  | Structural  Engineer Designed, Tested and AS 4687 Certified for Internal and External use:
Australian Standards 4687:2007
  • Clause 4.3 Impact Loading
  • Clause 4.5 Wind Loading up to 50+ m/s
  • Clause 4.2 Overturning and Climbing
Additional Australian Standards compliance with:
  • AS 1720.1 -2010 Timber Structures Design Methods
  • AS 1664.1 -1997 Aluminium Structures - Limit State Design
  • AS 1170.1 -2002 Balustrade Crowd Loading (specific to the TITAN void barrier)

Over the past 15 years we have developed many installation processes that provide effective engineerd solutions, ask how we can assist you.

Our company motto is SAFETY | TRUST | PERFORMANCE which is reflected in the level of service we offer our clients.


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