Eagle Rock Construction


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Eagle Rock Hoardings | AS 4687 Engineer Certified Public Protection™

A QBCC Licensed Builder, Cm3 Certified, AS 4801 compliant systems, continued innovation and development of AS 4687 Structural Engineer Certified Hoarding Systems.

We provide Capability, Certification and a variety of Hoarding systems to suit your every requirement.

Eagle Rock Hoardings are Structural Engineer Designed and Certified free-standing up to 7.2m high and can be installed up to 10.0m. 


 Our Systems, Processes and Engineered Solutions provide peace of mind in knowing our clients will never again need to worry about  A. a hoarding collapse  B. repairing another mall ceiling or bulkhead 

Eagle Rock's accreditation is extensive:  

  • We provide our clients with an installation certificate and photos of every installation
  • All hoardings installed are Structural Engineer AS 4687 Certified
  • Cm3 and BROWZ OHS Certified systems and AS 4801 Compliant Processes
  • QBCC licensed Builder
  • First Aid trained site personnel
  • Rock solid AS 9001 compliant Processes and Methodologies


Eagle Rock has installation teams ready to assist with your Hoarding requirements.

Our company motto is SAFETY | TRUST | PERFORMANCE which is reflected in the level of service we offer our clients.